@jrbuck99 Added the dog house greeting card you uploaded a while back, thanks again.

You’re really catching up here! Good work! Hopefully, someday someone else will come along with the same card with a more legible back, but at least this one is now in the DB. These doghouse shaped die-cut cards, with at least half a dozen different similar designs, show up quite often in the Victorian trade card world, for a variety of products, so I would expect that Tuck versions of all of them exist, too, or at least they once did!

One typo in the Item Comment: “WISH” should actually be “WISHING” (or “WISH-ING”, if you want to include the hyphen that splits it into two lines, in which case “CHRIST-MAS” should also be hyphenated if you want to be consistent).

BTW, this card clearly does carry Helena Maguire’s signature at the lower right, so you can remove the “possibly” and “(unsigned)” from around Helena Maguire’s name. As I mentioned in my original post, the similar dogs card also really does have her signature, too, although it’s very faint, so I would think you could make the same changes to that entry.

Thanks again, original and other card updated.