What social media or sites do you use? (for collectibles)

This question is for anybody who cares to answer on the forum.

When you’re searching for collectibles or anything related, what social media or websites do you find the most useful? (other than TuckDB of course)

Twitter profiles, Facebook profiles, Pinterest?, blogs?, eBay?

Anything you find interesting.

Try to buy on eBid if I can … the TuckDB site is a godsend for information … also use the Tuck Postcards Facebook page as well: Tucks Postcards | Facebook

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@PTAsecretary thanks that’s just what I was looking for.

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I have been collecting postcards linked to Gorran Haven in Cornwall for over 40 years. The TuckDB website has shown me how few of the Tuck cards of the village I have found and the gaps in numbering suggest many more wait to be added to the website.

I regularly search Ebay, Ebid and Delcampe for new postcards and try and attend postcard fairs and look in antique and collectable type shops. Not yet looked at Facebook for TuckDB page or as a source of postcards.

The number of websites dedicated to single postcard publishers is increasing. Francis Frith (primarily selling reproductions of their postcard photos) with email access to collection archivist for questions and Hawke of Helston run by a family are two websites I regularly visit in addition to this website.

Local websites about the area often have vintage photo sections with scans of postcards and council record offices and museums are increasingly putting images online from their collections. Local Facebook goups for an area often have posts about vintage postcards.

Appreciate a lot of my feedback only applies to Topographical postcard collectors with a limited geograhic area but still enjoy browsing the Tuck postcards for other places we have visited but don’t collect.

@GoranMaw thanks a lot. So you use these two, correct?


Any specific local website, council websites, museum websites you can point me to?

@justintanner Correct on the websites I use for Hawke and Frith.

Just found a Facebook group for E A Bragg another Cornish postcard photographer and publisher. E A Bragg Photographer

I’ve also bought from Home | old Postcards which is a German website and had great service. (Not sure if it was pre oven ready Brexit when I last bought.) Google Translate suggests name Ansichtskarten Versand translates to Sending Postcards.

The local Gorran Haven website has an Old Gorran Photographs section which is a mix of photos and postcards including some Tuck fronts. Old Gorran Photographs | Gorran Haven
The village also has an extensive collection of local photographs.

The private Gorran Haven Appreciation Society Facebook group has posted scans of old postcards.

The public Mevagissey Remembered Facebook ggroup (set up by Mevagissey Museum) reguarly posts scans of old postcards.

Cornish Memory has an extensive photo collection including postcards and at least one Tuck image not on the database. Steps to Gorran Haven Bathing Beach · cornishmemory.com

Royal Cornwall Museum is digitising its photo collection and has some images for sale to raise funds.

Kresen Kernow is the old county council record office rebranded and has digitised images Browse our images – Kresen Kernow

The Morrab Library at Penzance has a photo archive online with many West Cornwall photos Photo Archive | Morrab Library

The Historic Coventry website has a facility for dating postcards produced by Valentine as well as showing some Coventry postcards. Valentine postcard dating
The Valentine postcard archive at St Andrews University is being digitised. Photographic archive of J Valentine and Co., Dundee - Archives Hub

Hope this is useful.

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@GoranMaw thank you so much, that’s exactly the kind of sites I’m looking for.

Here’s a good one for East London (UK) East London Postcards

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@PTAsecretary thanks for that one!

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