This series is also with number 689 without prefix B, is not in the database,greetings Jeroen

@JeroenvanderWeide thanks again, I’ve put this into a new set, with a new card, look good?

These are 2 more from that series, you can use the same backing

@JeroenvanderWeide we like to match each front with it’s own back, do you have them?

And in this card each card has a unique blurb about the location.

I will send them later,

Here are the first two

The last two I have greetings Jeroen.

@JeroenvanderWeide thanks again, cards added.

There is no image for the Wissower Klinken
A couple of mispellings to be corrected.
PUTBUS: Fürstf. Wildpark should be Fürstl. Wildpark.
Gohren should be Göhren.
Nordbrucke should be Nordbrücke.
Hovt should be Hövt.
Sabnitz is Sassnitz, what looks like a B is in german double s.
RUGEN should be Rügen.
Federregenfelsen should be Feuerregenfelsen.
Hunengrsb should be

Rest of the message: Hünengrab.
SUDEN should be Süden. I mistakely already send the first part.


Thanks the corrections. I started making those changes then stopped, it looks like the original owners of this collection (British borne) decide to not enter accented German or French characters.

The site search as it currently stands is sensitive to those accents and they relied on everything be unaccented. I’ve kinda messed things up a bit by starting to enter accents. For example if you search for RUGEN you get all the different series, but if you search for RÜGEN you’ll only get the cards that I’ve recently touched.

Going forward, I’ve got a bit upgrade to the software that I’m rolling out this month, and I’m going to potentially modify the search to ignore accents, allowing accented characters to be entered without breaking search.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.