Suggested Housekeeping

PLACES should be England – Lancashire

PLACES should be England – Wiltshire

PLACES should be England – Hampshire

PLACES should be Scotland – Argyll

PLACES should be Scotland – Midlothian

TuckDB Card TITLE Typos for CANNONGATE cards

Tuck has correct spelling of CANONGATE (single N) on card titles:

Other CANONGATE Edinburgh cards have correct spelling.

Some Card Backs attached to Wrong Card Records in set

HOLYROOD PALACE AND ARTHUR’S SEAT MACINTOSH tartan card should end up with no image of card back when images in the set are moved.

Wrong Set?

Looks like card should be in ST. MAWES, REAL PHOTOGRAPH set


@GoranMaw thanks again, all changes made.

Looks like the last two orientations were already fixed ( I went through programmatically and fixed them all )

@justintanner That explains why orientations are now correct. Thanks.

The Tuck card title on front of card has TOLLBOOTH spelt with double L but uses single L spelling on card back. Correct spelling is TOLBOOTH so a card comment noting Tuck spelling error so card appears in searches for TOLBOOTH? Correct spelling on other TOLBOOTH cards.

Great, done as well.