Search Results Changed Since Upgrade

Just searched using the basic search box on Dunbar which is a town in East Lothian Scotland. The search returned 226 matches. It included cards with Places of Scotland - Dunbartonshire.

I searched on DUNBAR, Dunbar and dunbar and added a space after each version and got the same number of matches.

When searching on numbers a search for NQ 2 returns NQ 2, NQ 20 to NQ 29 and NQ 200 to NQ 299. (if they all exist).

Is there a different way to search now? Not explored the new Sorts and Filters options yet.

@GoranMaw thank you giving me feedback.

Hmm yes it looks like search is matching more than the used to, for now I’m going to leave it like that, unless it becomes a big issue.

Yes there are filters now that I’m hoping will be easy enough to use

Can you do me a favor, try this and give me some feedback:

  1. Click “All Cards”:
  1. Click “Filters”
  2. Add “Number”
  3. Set “=”
  4. And the value to “2”

It should look like this:

@justintanner Thanks for your prompt reply.

I’ve tried out the Filter settings you suggested for the NQ 2 number search and it works. Prefix is case sensitive so doesn’t work on nq.

Filter settings on place names is proving more problematic and I will explore the Filter options further before commenting.

@justintanner Having problems with searching for settlement names.

TITLE usually excludes settlement name if it is in SET name. Using SET Filter “contains” settlement name works quite well for larger settlements. This excludes any settlement card in a SET not containing the settlement name - e.g. Bonnie Scotland

Adding a second Filter of TITLE “contains” settlement name seems to work as an and/and so settlement name has to be in in both fields to be returned as a result. Is an and/or option possible?

Smaller settlements can be included in SETs named for larger settlements so settlement name is in TITLE. The settlement can also have its own SET name so settlement name usually isn’t in TITLE.

An example of a smaller settlement is TREBARWITH. It has cards in sets for BUDE & NORTH CORNWALL, TREBARWITH, TINTAGEL and DELABOLE. I hope the attached screen shots explain clearer than words.

There are also corrections for Tuck errors in card TITLES where notes with correct spelling have been added to card comments to consider.

Please tell me I’m over complicating and missing the obvious easy solution.

@GoranMaw thanks for the feedback.

Is an and/or option possible?

Right now, it’s all “AND”, in the future I may expand to provide “OR”

Good catch I think “Prefix” “=” “NQ” should be insensitive I’m changed the code, let me me how the places filter is working for you, when you get to it.

@justintanner Initial look at Places suggests it produces the same results as before the upgrade with the exception of where the place name forms the first part of another unrelated place name.

Examples are ABER in Wales (numerous places starting with Aber) and DUNBAR in East Lothian includes results from Dunbartonshire.

Busy for rest of day but initial thoughts looks very promising.