SA58 - GENERAL VIEW, ST. DAVID'S entered in TuckDB Twice?

Card 1

Wrong location of England - Cornwall and wrong set title of ST. AGNES, sepia

Correct location: Wales - Pembrokeshire as PUBLISHED FOR MENDUS, CHEMIST, ST, DAVID’S
Correct set title: ST. DAVID’S, sepia

Card 2

This entry has no images but would appear to be a duplicate entry for card 1. It has the correct location of Wales - Pembrokeshire but set title should probably be changed to ST. DAVID’S, sepia to match other similar cards produced for Mendus.

My suggestion would be:

Copy images from Card 1 to Card 2
Update Set Title on Card 2 to ST. DAVID’S, sepia
Delete TuckDB entry for Card 1

Hope this makes some sense.

@GoranMaw thanks, I think you right, set changed and images added here:

And the first card is deleted.