Rugen 2013 Federregenfelsen

The ttle should be Konigsstuhl und Feuerregenfelsren, not Federregenfelsen, greetings Jeroen

@JeroenvanderWeide thanks again, title updated.

Still ot good it is Feuerregenfelsen and not Feuerregenfelsren.

Did you update the website, because it dtill reads the same?

@JeroenvanderWeide is the correct title:


No it is Feuerregenfelsen.

@JeroenvanderWeide my bad, it should be correct now.

You write by these cards probably sold 6 in a pack. You can change that to 7 in a pack, I have seen a complete pack at a trade fair here in the Netherlands, greetings Jeroen van der Weide.

@JeroenvanderWeide fantastic, we are always looking for set covers, do you know what set this belongs to?

It belongs to the serie Canterbury Cathedral Postcards with the coloured , the ancient Glass and royal Window in colour’', the set has no number.

@JeroenvanderWeide does your packet belong to this set?

Yes, you can change problably in definitly in a set pf 8 cards. It was a complete set in there. Greetings Jeroen.

Sorry it is 7 cards, typing error.

@JeroenvanderWeide thanks, I’ve uploaded your set covers to all the cards, like this one: