Royalty Relief Scrap

I have one of the panels of Kings of England that doesn’t appear to be in the data base.

I also have several large scraps of Queen Victoria and her family as well as another set of Kings and Queens that were done for her Jubilee that also feature her family members. According to the book “Paper Dolls” by Anne Tolstoi Wallach, these were by R. Tuck. Do you know if that is the case? I’m just sending a few pictures, but i have the whole Jubilee set and 10 large scraps of Victoria’s children. If these are Tuck, I will gladly photograph both sets. Thank you!

@Minniebelle thanks for those ephemera scrap, looking into these now.

Hi, if this helps…these are the approx 7" scrap of Edward and Alexandra, and the page of the Jubilee set with Victoria’s family. As you can see, Edward and Alexandra are the same in both sets. Also, the inside cover of the Jubilee set

Interesting stuff you got.

Alison (the owner of the collection) has some of what you’ve posted here, and she plans to upload her versions to TuckDB Ephemera in the near future.

Once we do that, I’ll update you here and then look to integrate your uploads if possible.

The Ephemera site is tricky in that, it’s hard to categorize all this Tuck stuff and know where it all goes.

So stay tuned.