Rough sea off whitby series 805

Came across this card on EBay. Card front is the same as what you have on the database as Series 1123
The back here is different and is undivided. The First Use date is also earlier if only by two days at 14/08/1903. The British Post Office changed its regulations in 1902 and from around September 1902 postcard manufacturers started to print postcards with divided backs so potentially this card could pre-date Sept 1902.

@PhilW thanks again, I’m looking at the backs, whats the difference?

The difference other than the earlier date is that the card you have on the database has a “divided back”, that is, a vertical line down the middle of the card. These cards enabled people to send a message which was written on the left side while the address was written to the right of the line. These cards were produced after about September 1902 when the Post Office (in Britain) changed the regulations allowing messages on card backs. Prior to 1902 only the address could be written on the card back. Cards without a vertical line down the middle of the back are referred to as an “undivided back”. While the postmark on the card I sent you is 1903 the fact it is an undivided back would seem to suggest the card was manufactured prior to about September 1902. Other countries changed their regulations on different dates.

@PhilW interesting, I didn’t know that, back uploaded.

This image was used in several series’ - 805, 1123, 6307 and 6345 - it is possible that publishers, especially when published overseas, continued to use a divided back until stock ran out. I also believe that may be the reason to change the series number … and the price tag on ebay is way over the top for these cards!

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