Queen Victoria Portrait

Hello! I am so happy to find this forum and hope I might be able to find some answers. I purchased this beautiful picture ($85) in a thrift store in Carmel California. I have no way to find out about who it was donated by. The gold frame is inside a very old wooden shadow box and surrounded by deep red velvet. The gold frame is a very bright gold and the tassels on the pillows hang down. My internet research has led me to think the portrait of Queen Victoria may have been made by Raphael Tuck and Sons. I haven’t opened the shadow box to see if there are any clues inside. Would anyone here have any opinions, ideas or suggestions about this?

@Zootdoe Welcome to the forum, It may help to open it up and see the back of that card, to verify it has a Raphael Tuck & Sons logo or not.

Hi! Thank you. I probably will need to open it, just really concerned that putting it back together may be tough. I was thinking it might be recognized as one of their cards or maybe in a catalog thus hoping that I don’t need to open it up. I read they also made frames - wondering if this frame looks like anything they may have made.

I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything on tuckdbpocards.org