The following individual cards and sets have either blank or wrong value in the PLACES field and should be updated to SCOTLAND - ABERDEENSHIRE if my geography is correct.

Single cards


@GoranMaw thanks again, all those are places are now Aberdeen.

@justintanner Still in Aberdeenshire with wrong card number recorded in TuckDB

Tuck CNG4 TuckDB CNG3 should be CNG4

Thanks, switched it to 4.

@justintanner Possible duplicate card records in Aberdeeenshire:

Second card to be deleted? Both cards in the same set.

Second card and set with only this card in it to be deleted?

@GoranMaw those are for sure duplicates. Two cards deleted, I transfered the images from the HAUGHTON house.

@justintanner Looks like the cards from the following sets could be merged with the other set from the same area and one set deleted.

and the same for these sets

@justintanner The HISTORIC HOUSES - SCOTLAND set has an image of the front of one of the cards included with the SET COVERS images. The card front image is included in the images for the card.

@GoranMaw thanks again, removed that bad set cover and moved that rogue INVERURIE card.

With the two BRAEMAR cards, they probably should be in the same set, the reason they are not is because the “Braemar” card doesn’t say “BRAEMAR” on the front, hence the non-capital set name.