PLACES - Suggested Rationalisation

A first look at PLACES with very few cards with suggestions to rationalise the number of PLACES in use. The PLACES suggested are all existing PLACES.

Celyon (1 card) should be Ceylon

England – Bristol (1 card) – suggested England - Somersetshire

England – Cardiganshire (2 cards) – suggested Wales – Cardiganshire

England – East Sussex (1 card) - suggested England – Sussex

England – Newcastle (5 cards) – suggested England – Northumberland

England – North Yorkshire (1 card) – suggested England – Yorkshire

England – Somerset (5 cards) – suggested England – Somersetshire

Italy – Venice (1 card) - suggested Italy

Sc (1 card) – PLACES can be deleted as card has another correct PLACES

Scotland – Glasgow (1 card) – suggested Scotland - Lanarkshire

Scotland – Midlotian (1 card) – suggested Scotland - Midlothian

Scotland - Sutherlandshire (1 card) – suggested Scotland – Sutherland

St Lucia (1 card) – suggested St. Lucia

Wales – Pembroke (10 cards) – suggested Wales - Pembrokeshire

While a case can be made for retaining East Sussex and North Yorkshire as PLACES a lot of work would be needed to reallocate cards to them.

@GoranMaw wow, thanks for going over all those those, I’ve made all those changes.

@justintanner A few more suggested changes to Places:

Sri Lanka (1 card) should be Ceylon (card says Ceylon)
(DoesTuckDB have a policy on using colonial and/or independent country names?)

De Aar – South Africa (1 card) should be South Africa

Ealing (1 card) – card is of Tiger and only connection to Ealing is from Tuck Post Card Chain advert for Ealing Hospital on back. Card appears in searches for Ealing without this Places entry so suggest delete. TAG for Post Card Chain?

Ireland - Antrim Down (1 card) can be Ireland – Antrim & Down (1 card)
Ireland - Antrim &Down (2 cards) can be Ireland – Antrim & Down (1 card)
Further research required to work out if Lisburn is in Antrim or Down or both but puts all cards in set of 4 in same Places for now. Will come back to this.

Scotland - Ross Cromarty (50 cards) should be Scotland Ross & Cromarty (252 cards)

Scotland – Roxburgshire (154 cards) - TuckDB typo name should be Scotland – Roxburghshire

Scotland – Skye (2 cards) should be Scotland – Inverness – shire (369 cards)

Scotland – Inverness – Shire (260 cards) should be Scotland – Inverness - shire (369 cards)

Would you prefer suggested changes drip feed or a single list at end?

@GoranMaw thanks again, I’ve changed all the but the big ones, I’ll have todo those programatically.

Scotland - Ross Cromarty (50 cards) should be Scotland Ross & Cromarty (252 cards)
Scotland – Roxburgshire (154 cards) - TuckDB typo name should be Scotland – Roxburghshire
Scotland – Inverness – Shire (260 cards) should be Scotland – Inverness - shire (369 cards)

Question, Is “Scotland - Inverness - Shire” correct, is “Scotland - Inverness Shire” fine?

And keep the place name coming.


My understanding is that TuckDb organises UK postcards by the historic county name from about 1900 to the mid 1970’s reorganisation of UK local government. This covers the main production period for Tuck postcards and there was relatively little change.

Ordnance Survey have very specific names for the old Scottish Counties but two, Inverness-shire and Kinross-shire, have a hyphen. Possibly to avoid having the letter s 3 times consecutively?

Including or excluding the hyphen in the county name in Places can affect the results using the basic search box (where most casual browsers will go to search).

Ideally, there should be a single Places entry for each county or administrative area so I would suggest

  1. use the OS spelling less the hyphen so Invernessshire or Kinrosshire

  2. use the OS Spelling with hyphen but put the name without the hypen second in brackets

    Inverness-shire (Invernessshire)
    Kinross-shire (Kinrossshire)

I favour option 2 but I’m sure there are better options.

I need to revisit Scottish County names to confirm OS spelling so please hold off making any changes to Places that I have suggested…

@GoranMaw okay I went with number 1, because our system was using dashes to separate the “Country - Place”, which I may use again to organize the places.

All those places should be renamed now.

What do you think this is?

Scotland - Invernessshire Argyllshire

Is that really two separate places?

Scotland - Invernessshire, Scotland - Argyllshire

@justintanner The Invernessshire Argyllshire Place name is a TuckDB creation so can be deleted.

All 28 cards are of the Caledonian Canal which was entirely in Invernessshire so the cards should be moved there.

Use of dashes makes sense.

@justintanner The following Garelochhead card should be moved from Places Scotland - Argyllshire (1 card) to Places Scotland - Dunbartonshire

The Places Scotland - Argyll could then be renamed to Scotland - Argyllshire to give it the historic name.

@GoranMaw okay got all those cards now, those places should all be fixed now.

@justintanner Thanks for the changes you’ve made.

A couple more changes for Scotland Places that I didn’t suggest to you:

SCOTLAND - ARGYLE & BUTE - move all 7 cards to SCOTLAND - ARGYLE and delete

SCOTLAND - ARGYLL BUTE - move the 2 cards to SCOTLAND - ARGYLE and delete

@GoranMaw good idea, I moved all of those over.