Newquay sets, card NY265 additional format?


NY265 on the database comes as a real photo or sepia set, with either/both the titles ‘Trevelgue Head’ or ‘Lusty Glaze’. The card below is not sepia or real photo. Titled Trevelgue Head, I think it is a new image, for whichever set you think it fits best with:

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@duploduchess thanks for that, I think this fits into the REAL PHOTOGRAPH set, so I put it here:

@GoranMaw I think you have also submitted cards similar to this, but I can’t remember.

@justintanner @duploduchess

I will check the Newquay cards that I submitted but I think they all had REAL PHOTOGRAPH printed on the back.

A quick look at the Newquay NY cards on TuckDB shows that all in the REAL PHOTOGRAPH set have REAL PHOTOGRAPH printed on the back and the SEPIA set cards don’t.

I did notice a postmark on this real photograph card with a postmark for 1936 which gives a much earlier (by some 15 years) first use date for the set. Year is clear but day and month less clear but I think it could be 23/07/1936.

@duploduchess still deciding where to put this, is the card a photograph or sepia colored photograph?

Hi @justintanner when I first looked at the card I thought it wasn’t Sepia, but I’ve had another look and I think it’s from the Sepia set.
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No worries, these sepia cards look a lot like the real photograph ones.

In which case, it is an addition to the sepia set, as the title differs to the one in the database.

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@duploduchess good point, added front and back (with comment) to this card: