New Christmas/New year cards

Having just said I don’t have any more simple cards - here is one a simple small card (W 7.5 cm, H 5.4) with a grey/black drawing by Bowers and happy new year, artistic series 400 - I have not found anything similar.
The second I initially thought had just fallen from a larger card but does have a Tuck logo on the back. It is more like think paper than card as it is quite flexible -no picture (H 5.3 cm, W 9.1 cm), just text. It is similar to this card

the two cards:

@GregBuick thanks again, new card added.

Hi, I think you misunderstood. There are two quite separate cards here. The last three pictures do not relate to the first two. The 3 last images are similar to the card which I gave the link for - The linked card is portrait mode while the three last pictures I sent are similar but landscape mode and different words [they seem to be just small cards with no picture - just words]. Greg

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@GregBuick oops, I removed the last three images from the card I posted, I’ll find a new spot for this other one.