Card is for Newquay (one word) in England - Cornwall. Existing Newquay NQ cards have been put in set NEW QUAY, REAL PHOTOGRAPH with cards for New Quay (two words) in Wales.

Suggest that a new set called something like NEWQUAY REAL PHOTOGRAPH (NQ) is created for the new card. I can then give you a list of existing Newquay Cornwall cards that need to be transferred to the new set.

@GoranMaw thanks again, new card added.

@justintanner Thanks for adding the card.

There is confusion on TuckDB with New Quay (2 words) Wales and Newquay (1 word) Cornwall cards. Cards with NQ prefix for both towns are in the set NEW QUAY, REAL PHOTOGRAPH (NQ). This set should only contain NQ cards for New Quay in Wales.

A new set is needed for NQ cards of Newquay (1 word) in Cornwall. All cards in existing NEW QUAY, REAL PHOTOGRAPH (NQ) set with Places of England - Cornwall should be moved to the new set.

My suggestion would be to create a new set called NEWQUAY, REAL PHOTOGRAPH (NQ).

@GoranMaw good point, moved that card to it’s own set.

@justintanner The following Newquay Cornwall NQ cards need moving to the new NEWQUAY, REALPHOTOGRAPH (NQ) set:

The cards are:

@GoranMaw oh yeah, a bunch of those cards were NEWQUAY,

here is the new set:

@justintanner Thanks for sorting the Newquay Real Photograph (NQ) cards.

A similar exercise is required on 9 Newquay sepia cards with NQ prefix whixh are in set NEW QUAY, sepia with New Quay cards.

Suggest a new set name like NEWQUAY, SEPIA (NQ) and then move the following cards:

@GoranMaw almost forgot about this, here is the new set:

@justintanner New Quay and Newquay nearly sorted, thanks.

Looks like the last card in my list TOLCARNE BEACH - TuckDB Postcards has ended up in a New Quay Wales set.

Tolcarne Beach is a Newquay Cornwall beach so I think it should be in the new Set 'NEWQUAY, sepia (NQ)' - TuckDB Postcards

Hopefully we will get images one day soon to confirm this.

Yeah I wasn’t sure where that one went, I put it in the set you suggested.