New Card - Miss Geraldine Le Sage

I can’t find any recorded cards that match with this card of Miss Geraldine Le Sage. Photo Dover Street Studios. Collotype Post Card.

Does it require a new set or have I missed something?

Hmm good point, probably needs a new set, let me double check.

@GoranMaw after some internal discussion, I think we shouldn’t add this one. This is most likely from a postcard book. We found it difficult to keep track of those, so we decided not to record them.

But thanks anyway.

@justintanner Another card for you to make a decision on adding or not.

Miss Olive Morrell 344B Photochrom some German text on card back

Version of card with English text on card back is in set 4441.

@GoranMaw sorry for the long delayed answer, the second card MISS OLIVE MORRELL is a new card with a new set. I’ve gone and added it.