Lilywhite Lochinver Cards

Cards by Tuck and an unknown publisher using the same image with prefix LVR and number 26 are recorded in TuckDB. May be these Lilywhite cards should also be recorded?

This Lilywhite card uses the same image and LVR26 but has a longer title of KIRKAIG LOOKING SEAWARDS, LOCHINVER.

The second Lilywhite card is currently not recorded as either a Tuck or unknown publisher card:
If you add this card then the postmark of 04/08/1939 would give a FIRST USE date for the Lilywhite cards.

@GoranMaw those indeed looks like Lilywhites. Along time ago we extracted most of the lilywhites from TuckDB and put them on a separate site.

I’ve uploaded 26 to the set, 30 was already there.

@justintanner Didn’t know about the separate companion Lilywhite and Frith site. Perhaps a link under RELATED LINKS on TuckDB Postcards?

You may want to upload the back of LVR30 as it has a postmark of 04/08/1939 which is an earlier FIRST USE date.

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