... included in Book

Many times I read a reference to items included in book… what book is that?
An example is in the set information here: H.R.H THE DUCHESS OF YORK WITH THE LITTLE PRINCESS ELIZABETH - TuckDB Postcards

@PTAsecretary interesting question, the book in question is not in the references section, we are looking for the physical book now, we’ll let you know here if we find it.

@PTAsecretary we think the book in question maybe this one. I hope this helps.

Many thanks - but these are of a different subject matter. Was there a book of Queen Elizabeth or Royalty in this series, I wonder?
I have this card, amongst others, that has the number 8 blacked out + it is trimmed at the top … is this one from such a book, I wonder?

Alison writes this about the above card:

“probably if you can see the back of the one in TuckDB there is a number above the stamp box-number 8 but it looks like two zeros close together. These repros all have numbers there that are not on the originals. The numbers don’t run tightly close together as there were cards interspersed into the book that were not originally Tuck cards or images and he did not enter those. So cards number 10 or 11 in this set in the database don’t exist as they would not be Tuck cards but would exist somewhere else as a Beagles or Rotarty reproduction card”

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On my examples, the number above the stamp box referred to has been blacked out for some reason…