How can I use this new site?

What has happened to this site? I used to see cards by number. I could not even create an account.

@Squirrelpostcards Welcome to the Forum!

The TuckDB sites software has being upgraded to a new system, if you having problems please let me know, you should still be able to search by number as you used to, what number were you searching for?

No 942 Tuck Art Series c. 1903

@Squirrelpostcards this set?

Thank you but I can not access this myself. I put in the number but it just directed me to Forum or Editor. There was no provision to just place the numer and click to find it as before. How can I do this for a card in the future ? Regards Helen

@Squirrelpostcards apologies, I think I have made a confusing button, let me know if this clears it up for now:

Thank you, I will retry a few numbers. I had tried the button at the end but I thought I had tried every whichway! Will have another go. Ta

@Squirrelpostcards thanks for the feedback, I’m going to clear up those buttons in few days, if you see any other problems please let me know.

Also if your looking for 942, searching will work, if you want to really narrow your search down, try:

Yes, all is well. This time I got the “eyeglass” image and was directed to the required number. Will use in future, thank you. Helen