Giant relief series numbering - is a list available?

Hi, the Giant Relief series seemed to be produced around 1888 onwards.

The series have numbers, so, for example, there is a series with Cricketers 203, a series of Horses 212, a series of Boxers 206.

I wondered whether anyone has compiled a list of the series?

Does anyone know the number for the series of Fencers? They look like they should be 205 or 207, as I believe they were produced along with the Boxers.

Also it would be good to see a list of the “Gigantic Relief” series, which seems to have followed the “Giant Relief” series.


@timbo Welcome to the forum. Are you referring to the scraps series here:

Yes, this shows the series in the database (screenshot below).

However, there are many missing numbers, which I’m guessing are in a catalogue somewhere. Perhaps someone has seen a catalogue entry showing a numbered list?

@timbo we store our catalogs on a separate site:

A quick search by myself didn’t turn up much tho.

Yes, I also had a look there, but couldn’t find a listing of series by number in the available catalogues.