France Tuck Card - Unable to identify

I am unable to identify France Tuck Card and cannot find in database. Any help would be appreciated.
Front - Salon 1908 and initials R.P at top of postcard. Berne-Bellecour. Avant de Rembarquer at bottom of Postcard
Back - Raphael Tuck & Fils, Editeurs

@Magners50 nice card, my first guess was that it belonged in the following set.

But that set has german backs and these back looks different.

@amilling8 I’ll leave this to you.

HMMMI can’t find the card so it is new to the database for sure. I searched Art Photo in French, and the artist and title. IT is for sure one of the Salon series. I think from this set SALON 1902, R.P. I (not on all cards). The cards we do have in the set have the same back. Alison

No Sorry I missed the Salon 1908 part I will look again. It seems to be a whole new set if it is 1908 however it was mailed in 1902 so that doesn’t seem right either. Perhaps it is 1903. ??? Alison

How about this card

The looks messed up, it’s deleted, but this card is still there (prob my fault)

Looking again at the date at top of card it looks like it is Salon 1902 and not 1908 which makes sense.

Do we know anything about this card yet? Interested to know what series this is from. Thankyou

@amilling8 did we find a spot for this card?

Hi-No I can’t find the spot for it. Not sure where is goes at the moment. Sorry but I didn’t set up that part.

Okay I’ll leave this to you.