Elisabeth's art

Hi I have discovered that my 1st cousin did a series or postcards for this company. Can you help me find thevcards i would love to see them . Her name was Elisabeth Augusta Chant.
Kindest regards Angela

Welcome to the forum, @Angelajohnson.

Was your cousin an artist or photographer?

If so how did she sign her name?

Hi from Nz :slight_smile: she was an artist :art:. Can i attach the clipping here?

Elisabeth augusta chant … signed i think by three mountains…

Yes go ahead and upload any images you want.

Screenshot_20220616-070855_Samsung Notes

Elisabeth A Chant i have seen as signiture on her work so far

Okay those are some good clues, our database doesn’t have any artist labelled “Elisabeth” “Augusta” or “Chant”.

She could also could have not signed the cards with her name, and we just don’t know she was the artist.

I suggest searching for Minneapolis and seeing if you can find anything, here is a set from Minneapolis


Yes but the work she did was in london isthere any lonks to works in a date range i could find out the two years she was living there?

London doesn’t narrow it down very much, we’ve got about 20k cards, with the word “london” on them, somewhere


The only dates we have in our system are the first postal usage, which probably won’t narrow that down too much.

Also my knowledge of these cards is limited as I’m not a collector myself.

Ok so that makes two of us…

How many are there with out signatures?

We don’t do signatures, we just attribute the artist if known. We can do that with a signature or not, if the photo is known.

Best bet is to try to find one image or painting that she might have authored, something specific.

I found the dare of the Article 1903…

Some painted under a pseudonym. Any idea of what she might have used?

No ideas, is this her?

(that’s from google)

I think so see the full article here

ok so we are looking for 3 triangles
on the art

have news you may want to see it . its a twist

@Angelajohnson whats the twist?