Castle on the hill

@jrbuck99 uploaded this greeting card, how’s it look?

Heh, now I have a song running through my head!

Anyway, first let me repeat what I basically said when I originally posted this card. And that is that, although the card is marked “ARTISTIC SERIES 2162”, it has nothing in common with those three “Romantic Couples” cards. Not only is the subject matter and style completely different, those cards carry the large and elaborate cherubs and easel trademark, while this one has the simpler easel and palette trademark. I really think it belongs in its own set for now. As with several other cards I’ve uploaded, it’s likely that there are other Tuck cards with similar designs out there somewhere (hopefully), as I know of at least three others in that same style that were used quite often on Victorian trade cards, though without any Tuck attribution, of course.

Okay, on to the typos. :slightly_smiling_face:
In the Item Title: “HAPPY AND THE LIGHT” should just be “HAPPY AND LIGHT”.
In the Item Comment: “AND BRIGHTER YOUR” should be “AND BRIGHTEN YOUR”.

That’s it, just the two!

EDIT: Oh, and you might want to add the card’s size to the entry - 3.75"H x 5"W.

Good point, I moved it into it’s own set, and made the changes you mentioned.

I think that’s for the best. You might want to change the Set Comment, too, which I think just carried over from the other set. It still refers to the “cherub and easel” trademark, which really doesn’t belong with this card.

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