Can anyone tell me what's the process

Can anyone help me here I have a painting shot4 that is of a postcard by tuck seems the painting has the harbour name overpainted , would this painting have been the one to take the print from? At A loss to understand it’s existence.tbanks lachie painting is 47cm X 33 cm far cry bigger than a post card.

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Here is the info we have about your card:

Sometimes Tuck used the same image on postcards and in paintings, that’ll all I know.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Justin and that postcard is not in the catalogue I searched every image with a harbour lol

So the last one is a larger painting of the same image on the postcard I linked above?

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So would that mean the painting is the original as you can see someone removed the wording from the painting but it’s still legible with a magnifying glass would they have used this painting to take a photo of for the post card is what iam trying to say lol

Oh I see, interesting, weird that it still have the printed letters.

hmmm… suspect that what you have is a copy from the original post card with the title and artist signature badly removed!

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