Another Rebecca Coleman Angel Head

Here’s another card to add to your Ephemera backlog. It’s an angel head drawn by Rebecca Coleman (but not signed), similar to several others that I posted last year, such as this one. It measures approximately 5.375"H x 4.625"W. The verse on the back is by Eden Hooper. It carries a “PRIZE DESIGN” logo.

@jrbuck99 Thanks again, I’m searching for where to put this.

I don’t think Alison’s gotten around to adding any of these types of cards to Ephemera yet, since they don’t have numbers. There are some fringed cards in the DB that use the same designs but, of course, the non-fringed cards don’t exactly fit there. Perhaps someday there’ll be a place for them but, in the meantime, I just want to get what I have uploaded here so at least the images will be available when the time comes! :slightly_smiling_face: