Alternative cover for Little Boy Blue

I have a copy of Little Boy Blue with an alternative cover to the one pictured in your DB. One notably difference is the absence of the series name. If it’s of use to you I’m happy to make high quality scans or even donate the book.

@Bill thanks for the submission, is this the same as your book 1454?

It’s a different edition of the same book. If you look closely at the cover I uploaded it doesn’t have the series name beneath the cow (in fact the series name doesn’t appear anywhere) and the text below “Boy Blue” at the bottom differs a bit. On the one hand it’s basically the same, but I figured if you were looking to have a very complete record then maybe you’d want some hi-res scans of this edition.

Interesting, what’s the number on the back?

Unfortunately the last number is a little smudged, but I’d say No 1454

Yeah probably the same, if you wanna scan the front and back i’ll upload it to our site.

I scanned in the whole book: Little Boy Blue scans - Google Drive

@Bill thanks for those high quality scans, looking for a spot for this new edition of this book.

@Bill I added your images to the existing card, thanks for the scans.