ABIDE WITH ME angel head

@jrbuck99 getting to the end of the list, I see the light.


Heh, heh! I think that’s the light of dawn, @justintanner , since it appears that you worked through the night on these!

Okay, just a couple minor typos in this one: “DARKNESS” should be “DARKNESS,” with a comma, “BLESSED<” should be “BLESSED,” and “THO SHALT” should be “THOU SHALT”.

As far as “end of the list” goes, Yes…But… It does appear that you skipped over one of the groups of 4 Angel Heads, perhaps because my link was off by one number. Those cards are smaller than the other Rebecca Coleman cards I’ve posted, and the formatting is clearly different.

There are also two other cards in Contributing images to TuckDB - #90 by jrbuck99. The first of those is simply a different back for a daffodils card that you previously added, while the other is another “Silver cross greeting card” like the one you just added last night.

@jrbuck99 thanks for finding what I missed, uploaded the back to for the diamond greeting card:


and I’ve uploaded that new silver cross as well:


Other cards have their own post in the forum.

Those look fine, and it appears that you’ve just about caught up! I went back over “the list” one more time, and I noticed one other card that was apparently skipped, a Christmas card showing what appears to be a castle in winter, in Contributing images to TuckDB - #64 by jrbuck99. I was thinking you’d already added that one but now I can’t find it in the DB, so perhaps you didn’t.

Hmmm, it also appears that the third card in Contributing images to TuckDB - #82 by jrbuck99 might also have been bypassed. That’s the monochrome Wiegand Christmas card. I think my link in “the list” was off by one number, again, although you did pick up the Mizpah card just fine last month, and the second card in that post was added to the DB a while back.