A Royal Air Force Christmas Card not on database?

Hi there,
I don’t normally dabble in ephemera, but had to get this christmas card when I saw it.
It is in the original envelope, posted in December 1943. The envelope is here:

The card front is similar to the set with the title ‘Greeting, A TUCK CARD, KGVI period, Christmas & New Year, WWII, Royal Air Force (set: gilt crest & motto in light blue /green square)’, but does not match the three cards in this set, in terms of the air force base printed inside:

If anyone knows anything about these cards, I’d appreciate any information you can share.

Justin - I’ve done my best with the photos, but didn’t want to open the card too far as the fold is quite fragile. Hope they’re OK.


@duploduchess thanks again, and the photo looks fine.

I think this is where this card should go.


OK, thanks Justin.