A new W.J. Wiegand card for the Ephemera DB

Here’s a newly acquired card that I don’t find in the Ephemera DB. The artist is WJW (W. J. Wiegand), it’s marked as Artistic Series 1444, and the size is about 3.5"H x 6.375"W. Before you begin to think about where this card might fit in the DB, see a couple of additional notes I made, following the images.

Note 1: I found one other card in the DB identified as Series 1444. Problem is, when I looked at the large image for that card, I discovered that the series number is actually 1443, so that one’s misidentified and not related. One other issue I noted with that entry is that it states that the “artist” for the card is Samuel Cowan, when in fact Cowan is the author of the verse on the back, not the artist. I don’t think the card is actually signed by an artist.

Note 2: I did find one card that IS related to this one in the DB, but that one is a QV fringed card whereas, obviously, my new card isn’t fringed. I assume that the series probably exists both with and without the fringe. The fringed card has the same back for Series 1444, but that fact isn’t identified in the Item Information. (And I suspect that that card doesn’t really belong with the other two in the “set” it’s associated with, as the only commonality is the artist.)


@jrbuck99 thank again and nice pictures, give me sec, I’ll need Alison’s help to trying to find a spot for this one.

Hi-Thanks for the card images and all the info. You are entierly correct in your notes and I have amended the database accordingly. The card that you sent is a new set and I have entered it under the number 1444. Many thanks for your contributions. Alison

You’re welcome, @amilling8 and @justintanner. I’m always happy to make even a tiny contribution to your massive undertaking.

Alison, I did catch one small issue with the new entry. I had given the card’s measurements in inches, but it looks like you assumed they were centimeters. I don’t have a metric ruler, but I think the conversion should come out to somewhere around 9 cm x 16.5 cm, if my conversion chart is accurate. :grinning:


@jrbuck99 I’ve updated the dimensions.