9712 edit to artist's name

I’ve just purchased card 9712 “Scott’s Country” - Melrose, from Gattonside.
The database gives the artist as A. (Alexander) Young but my copy has ‘J Blair’ - please see attachment, although there are some surface blemishes to the top left of the image.

(It also matches the image in 7092 where John Blair’s signature is visible.)

Similarly 9712 Abbotsford is ascribed to A Young but postcard image shows J Blair.

@CatM Welcome to the forum and thanks for the information, great quality of that scan, do you by chance have a picture of the back as well? (helps me triangulate within our collection)

@CatM Thanks for that back.

Uploaded your front and updated the artist to “John Blair”


@amilling8 those changes look good? I’m guessing this is John Blair? or is that an “F Blair”?

All looks good to me. Thanks, Alison