6280 - "Oilette" Ilfracombe - Different back

6280 - “Oilette” Ilfracombe - Left hand side wording “Raphael Tuck & Sons “Oilette” (Regd.) Postcard 6280” ends below the B of Ilfracombe. Line on database finishes lower down

@Magners50 in our database we’ve separated the OILETTEs and non-OILETTES.

This card appears to be the oilette we’ve listed here:


And this is the other:


Do the records match now?

Bit confused, the 6280 (Oilette) I sent has the end of the 6280 number positioned below the letter B of Ilfracombe. The ones in the database have the 6280 (Oilette) number ending positioned below the F in Ilfracombe.

@Magners50 Oh I see, the line you’r referencing to is this one?

Sorry Justin , I am probably not explaining it properly. On the left hand side, where the wording is going up the card, the line Raphael Tuck & Sons “Oilette” (Regd) Postcard 6280, the 6280 ends with the 0 below the B of Ilfracombe on the line above in inverted commas. On the postcards in database the 0 is below the F or C. Am I looking too deep?

@Magners50 gotcha, no that’s fine, I’ve uploaded the back, it is different from the others.