2 more Simple Victorian Xmas Cards

these two simple cards do have more complex design equivalents
20/33 in Set Greeting, No Royal attribution, (Q.V. period), LONDON PARIS NEW YORK without Limited, Printed in Saxony, Christmas & New Year (w13.4 x h10cm)
12/59 in Set Greeting, Queen Victoria, Made in Saxony, Christmas & New Year, Floral, Wild Roses. (w9.2 by h12.5 cm)
Is there a way to search for just the simple cards?

@GregBuick thank you, can you do me a favor, link the existing cards or sets where you think these belong. To do that, click the button in the screenshot below and paste their links in this thread.

The link to the first one is

There are two links to the second one



@GregBuick thanks for going to the trouble of linking, it saves me a lot of time.

First card:

And the second one:


Is there a way to search for just the simple cards?

Are you looking for more of these type of cards?

No I was just curious as to whether these simple cards with no folds might be called something. I don’t have any more such cards. Just 3 or four other cards which I don’t think are in your collection which I will send you.

Oh in our system sometimes they are called Single Greeting Cards, but there are so many of them, we might not have tagged the right.