1898 Souvenir Booklet, Raphael House Cornerstone & London Blitz

In 1966, American collector Edward J. Rohrlack gave a lecture about the history of Raphael Tuck & Sons at the Rhode Island Postcard Club. He spoke of a 1962 interview he had with C.W. Hayes, one of the company’s directors. The following information from Rohrlack’s lecture appeared in the Rhode Island Postcard Club’s newsletter, “What Cheer” in 1966.

"Mr. Hayes brought out the contents of the cornerstone of “Raphael House: which was all that remained of the magnificent building [after the London blitz on Dec 29, 1940]. … the cornerstone was cracked, but the contents were in good condition [including] 2 copies of a souvenir booklet issued especially for the corner-laying ceremony o April 5, 1898, in which was told […] the history of the business… Also, in the cornerstone [was] a hand-written story of the firm… signed by Raphael Tuck [and] a complete genealogy of the 7 branches of the Tuck family.”

Has anyone ever seen a copy of this 1898 souvenir booklet online?

Not that i am aware of. Alison

Is the Rhode Island Club still operating, I wonder? They may have a copy?

I found a digitized copy of a 1909 booklet published for Tuck’s 25th anniversary, but still haven’t found the older one. Thanks for your response --Anne Ross

@PostcardHistorian can you send that copy here or to my email jwt@hey.com ?