Wrong Set and Place? The Market Place


Difficult to be certain as card has no images yet but card comment includes PUBLISHED SPECIALLY FOR WILLIAM BROWN, STATIONER, MELROSE which suggests the current set allocation to Melton Mowbray and England Leicestershire is suspect

TuckDB has other recorded Melrose cards with Melrose images PUBLISHED SPECIALLY FOR WILLIAM BROWN, STATIONE, MELROSE in a set called MELROSE. (Stationer is misspelt Satione on all the cards.)

Possibly move the card from the MELTON MOWBRAY set (only this card in set) to the MELROSE set with the other William Brown cards and change the place to Scotland - Roxburgshire?

Hopefully images will be found for this card to definatively resolve location.

@GoranMaw interesting find, I’m hesitant to move into that set, because it’s been marked “set of 6 cards” and already has 6 cards.

Good idea to leave it unchanged until card images or other info to prove loaction is found as card will appear in results for searches for both Melton Mowbray and Melrose.