Wrong Places for LLANGOLLEN sets


The 6 cards are recorded under Places: Scotland.

The river Dee and the locations are all located in North Wales so Wales - Denbighshire for Places.

@GoranMaw looks like this is a new place for our DB, just to make sure of the spelling is “Denbighshire” is that correct?

@justintanner There are already cards around the Berwyn and Llangollen area allocated to Wales - Denbighshire including BERWYN FROM CANAL - TuckDB Postcards

@GoranMaw whoops my bad, I’ve updated all the places in that set.

@justintanner Just found a second set of 4 cards for Llangollen which are all allocated to Scotland rather than Wales - Denbighshire.

The cards are numbered 4904 but currently have no images but have the same titles as 4 of the 6 cards numbered 9404 in the Llangollen set of 6 cards that you have just edited.

@GoranMaw thanks again, set updated.