Unexpected Result From Places Search

Open TuckDB Postcards and click on Places.
PgDn so Lake box is showing with count of 1
Left click on Lake box
Returned results are 556 cards

The Filter shows Tags rather than Places has been searched on. (see screen dumps at bottom).

I cannot recreate this by clicking on other Boxes from the Places option (not tried 100%). The other ones I’ve tried are all using the expected Places as the Filter. Can check all if needed.

Searching from All Cards and using Filter ‘TAGS has any of Lake’ also returns 556 cards.

Could this be the card causing the unexpected Filter result?

@GoranMaw wow thanks for those screenshots, you found a subtle bug I might not have caught.

Looks like there is a “Lake” place and tag, the “Lake” place is probably a mistake, i’ll remove it later.