Tuck Zag-Zaw likely a Salmon Academy


This puzzle’s image looks like it’s been harvested from eBay recently. The seller and I agree that this is probably not a Tuck Zag-Zaw but a Salmon Academy that somehow ended up in a Zag-Zaw box. There is some confusion about the titles of these “S. Wills” hunting scenes, but it looks like this one should be In for a gallop, as you have in your clipping.

Hi-Yes I identified the image from a Tuck catalog image and from another example that I have in my collection. Here is the catalog page listing that shows the title and the image. (1)|341x500](upload://qUHvyE4SrxfMPeVe4kZNED4HuYS.jpeg)

and here is an image of the puzzle that I have in my collection.
It is possible that both companys did publish the same image I suppose. I don’t know the Salmon cutting style and I agree that the cut of the sellers puzzle is a bit different. Certainly his is in the wrong box. I will amend the listing to say it is possibly a Salmon Academy cut puzzle. Would that be more correct?. Alisonl t (3)|666x500


Hi Alison. Certainly!
Incidentally, I think S. Wills may be a pseudonym for John Sanderson-Wells (1872-1955). You can see his full name as a signature in some of these paintings.
Best wishes, Wout

HI-Thanks for the info. I will try to incorporate that somehow. alison