Tuck Typo - KILCHWIN CASTLE 7147


Correct name of castle is KILCHURN CASTLE and Tuck has issued other cards with correct spelling.

Handwritten name on front of card is unclear as partly cut off at bottom of card. The card backs on TuckDB have versions with spelling of KILCHWYN CASTLE and on another (later?) back KILCHURN CASTLE.

Suggest adding a note to card with correct name so it appears on searches for KILCHURN CASTLE.

Sorry, made my own typo! Should have typed KILCHWIN instead of KICHWYN for castle name on back of some cards.

No problem, card updated.

@justintanner think my typo has confused matters, sorry.

Tuck has spelt the castle name as KILCHWIN CASTLE on the back of some (early?) versions of the card. Please change card title of KILCHWYN CASTLE back to KILCHWIN CASTLE.

The correct name of the castle is KILCHURN CASTLE. Please add a noteabout Tuck’s typo with the correct spelling of KILCHURN CASTLE so it appears on searches.

Some (later?) versions of the back of the card do have the correct spelling of KILCHURN CASTLE.

Hope this makes sense.

@GoranMaw got it, updated.