Tuck Limerick Postcard Collection

Hi folks,

After spotting a credit to TuckDB at the end of the Rick Stein Cornwall programme (one of many episodes), this was just to say I had visited your site for the first time and noticed 24 Tuck Valentine Greetings cards nicely displayed (plus a few limerick competition prize postcards too). Limericks are my thing and I have been collecting books and postcards etc of the genre for over 15 years now and my tally of Tuck Valentines, each with its own limerick (not always brilliant ones it has to be said!) is now 70. I note from a limerick special interest group newsletter as far ago as 1984 that a fellow named Ivan Poole was the limerick postcard guru. If I can help with scans or photos etc, let me know …


Doug Harris (Stockton-on-Tees)

@DougHarris Welcome to the forum!

Do you remember what episode of the Rick Stein Cornwall (bbc show?) episode they mentioned TuckDB?

If you see any cards on www.tuckdbephemera.org or www.tuckdbpostcards.org that you know about fee free upload images or discuss in the forum.

I saw TuckDB mentioned in the credits of Series 2, Episode 5, as available on BBC i-player.

Cheers, Doug

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Actually … on a re-count I have all 72 Tuck Valentine Greetings limerick postcards. I can’t see how to upload images, however if you either let me know or send an email address I’d be glad to scan or photograph the 4 you are missing as you prefer.


@DougHarris, the forum is easier if you don’t mind try this:

Look at that they credited us in the episode thanks @DougHarris

I think these are the four images you need to make your Valentine Greetings set of limerick cards complete at 72No.


Doug (the limerick verse collector guy)

Thanks @DougHarris, great scan quality.

Do you have the backs of those cards as well?

The images of the back of the Valentine Greetings cards are named in the file names as the last word of the first line of the limerick verse so they can be matched up.



@DougHarris thanks for the backs, they are uploaded here:


@amilling8 those additions look good?

HI That looks great. Thanks you so much for the added information. Alison