The Old Windmill 4093 pencil drawing postcard

I have a postcard of The Old Windmill, set title - In the Country, number 4093. The photo in the database of this card shows it colored with a title in the lower left-hand corner. However, the one I have is a pencil drawing of the same scene uncolored.

I was wondering if Tucks produced postcards like this or if perhaps this one is a sample. It is printed on tan cardstock, has performation on two edges and has the standard Tucks postcard information on the back.

Does anyone know? Thank you

@jjmcclain23 Welcome to forum.

If you have an image of that different front we’d love to see it (upload here if you can).

Does your back have a tuck logo?

Here are the images

Adjusted images

@amilling8 do you think is is a new cover of this card?

These cards were published as a painting book with a colour copy and a line drawn copy for the client to complete and then mail. The colored version of this card is titled PEACEFUL PASTURES in the database under the number 4093. Check out the book IN THE COUNTRY 4093 in the ephemera database for some images also. Alison.

@jjmcclain23 this is the item Alison is referring to:

This book is really neat. Thank you for the information. Mom and I like the postcard so much that we are going to frame it as is.