The Lamb - North Berwick

About 15 years ago I purchased a framed watercolour in a charity shop in Belfast. It had caught my eye and and up until this week, I had thought it was an original pice of artwork. It is signed by a J. Fryer and is dated 1913.
After some Googling I discovered the scene is actually a Tuck postcard from a Christmas Card ! A search sent me to the Tuck database and I found a picture of the original ! It measures 50x30cms. I’ve always admired the simplicity of the scene. Is there anyone out there who
Can add any more info to this postcard and copy !!

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Hi-Many thanks for your interest in Tuckdb and your enquiry. I have nothing further to offer you other than to suggest more research on the artist. The original artwork for Tucks items were all destroyed during the bombing raids in the wars. I wonder if the artist of your watercolour-J. FRYER- wasn’t’ using the tuck cards as a model to paint from. The original card from Tuck set NORTH BERWICK, SERIES II 7460 titled THE LAMB was painted by C.R. STOLTERFOHT.