Thank you for this resource!

I wasn’t sure where else to direct feedback, so I just wanted to send some gratitude to the creators of this site. What an enormous undertaking this must have been.

I’m an artist and I was interested in using Victorian-era dog/animal illustrations in my work, so I was poring through blurry photos on eBay listings. Stumbled upon your website without really knowing much about the history of the company, and now I feel totally emotionally attached! I’ve been able to source a lot of dog art for my own use, but I’ve also just really enjoyed browsing everything else.

This collection is not only well-catalogued, but the image quality is also superb. You have made my life so, so much easier and I wish the American Antiquarian Society would take some notes from you all, haha.

Thank you again for what I’m sure was a huge labor of love.

@lizm Welcome to the forum and thanks for the kind words.

Many people were contributed to TuckDB, we put a page here to thanks them.

It is a wonderful site which I use several times a week. It such a great resource. So I’d like to add my thanks to you and everybody else involved