Suggesting edits for TuckDB

This thread is where you can suggest any edits that you feel should be made to items on our database.
Some examples of this would include:

  • You have found an earliest first use of the card than we have listed on the website
  • General spelling errors or typos
  • Additional information about the item that we do not have listed (price, artist, where sold, first use, etc.)

If you have a card that is not listed at all, you can upload images of it here


Please find the international version of the 995 SILHOUETTE POSTCARD SERIES GOING SHRIMPING circulated in september 1903 (no caption in this version)

best regards

Thank you!

There’s quite a few differences on the back as well, which is interesting. I’ve uploaded it alongside this set for now

I think this postcard was posted earlier than the archive listing suggests.
Postmark is March 1903. Hope this is useful.

@edendasilva have you looked at this upload?

looks like Alison beat me to it! The date has been changed for that set