Seeking information about the "Fine Art Works" in Bavaria and Saxony where cards were printed pre WW1

I collect and research the work of an Edwardian illustrator called Kathleen Ainslie, who drew a number of images of traditional wooden dolls for Tucks. These were printed at the “Fine Art Works”, mostly in Bavaria, some in Saxony.
Kathleen Ainslie also created a number of small books, again mostly printed in Bavaria and some in Saxony. Her books were published by Castell Bros, London.
The similarity in the description on both the cards and the books has led me to wonder if the same printer was used in both cases, but we don’t have enough info about Castell Bros to check this, so I thought I would come at this from the other direction.
It isn’t absolutely crucial to my researches… but I am thorough :0)
AM has already sent me a really useful article about the political situation for Tucks in that pre WW1 period and beyond, and it might just be that someone on the forum has an extra bit of information - or can point me towards someone else - here’s hoping!