River Horner at Bossington

I have a card with the title as above but undestand this maybe Bossington Somerset. The view is same as on Bossington web site and apparently River Horner does not flow through Bossington. Any ideas or confirmation

@Bradshaw is your card one of these?

Yes my card is exactly like the one numbered 339. My query was “Is it in fact Bossington Hampshire or Bossington, Exmoor Devon?” Do any mebers know the areas well enough to determine.

@GoranMaw do you know where this card is?

@justintanner @Bradshaw Tuck’s county attribution is unreliable even allowing for local authority boundary changes since publication. Another card in this Hampshire set of Tilly Whim Caves, Swanage was and still is in Dorset.
The Hampshire Bossington is in the valley of the River Test and I can find no River Horner listed in Hampshire rivers or tributaries of the River Test or on OS maps of the area.
I can’t find the Bossington Somerset website Bradshaw refers to but if a copy of the postcard is posted there then I think it confirms it’s the Somerset Bossington.

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