Reward of Merit card for Ephemera

Here’s an unusual Reward of Merit card by artist L.H. White that I can’t find in the Ephemera DB. It’s identified as “Artistic Series”, but bears no number. I know this design is part of a series of four similar L.H. White drawings, a couple of which appear in Artistic Series 142, but this one hasn’t yet been reported in that set. (Arbuckles’ Coffee used all 4 designs as trade cards.) Good luck finding a spot for it! :grinning:

Approximate size (in inches) is 5.125"H x 3.5"W.

@jrbuck99 thanks again, yes it looks like a new one, searching for a spot for it.

@jrbuck99 created a new set and item for this one:

Thanks, again.

Yep, that’ll work, @justintanner. I imagine that eventually other similar ones will turn up. One correction, though. L. H. White was the artist, not the author.

Say, now that you seem to be getting comfortable adding unnumbered cards to Ephemera, perhaps you’d like to revisit some of those that I posted in 2021 in the original “Contributing images” thread, starting with this one.

About a year ago, you did add all of my numbered cards from that earlier thread to the DB, but there are quite a few unnumbered ones that appear to still be in limbo, and which I’d hate to see get forgotten. If you’d like to tackle those, I can make a list of specific links, or you can just scroll on down through that original thread, starting with that first one. IF you’d like to, that is. :grin:


No problem, I’ll take a look.