Oilette Facsims on plywood

I hope this is the correct forum for this post, I’d never heard of Raphael Tuck until an hour ago.

I have a box of 10 Raphael Tuck Oil Facsims, 5 different images, so there are some copies. These seem to be oilette scenes printed onto plywood. I think my Father was given these in the 70’s and I found them when sorting through his belongings.

The following images are from the box, rear of the plywood and a couple of the images.

I’m assuming these images are for postcards, but does anyone know what they are? Or were used for?

@Gid Welcome to the forum, do they have postcard backs? (an area for a stamp, etc)

They don’t have postcard backs, but are the same size as postcards. It looks like the printing is directly onto plywood rather than a postcard being bonded to the plywood.

They might be greeting cards, using the same images as postcards.

If there are any words on the card, try searching here: