Not listed in the Tuck Ephemera catalogue

These 3 greetings cards are from the Artistic Series 421 set title Early Military Experiences and do not appear to be listed. They all have their own caption and the artist is Arthur C Payne.
Please let me know if you require further details

@Peanut1 Sorry for the delay, thanks for those cards, I’m doing a round of ephemera tomorrow (it’s a bit harder than the postcards).

I’ll keep you posted.

@Peanut1 I’ve added your cards here, I’m having a bit of a hard time reading the titles of the cards, if you have the real cards can you help me fill in the blanks?

Hi Justin the card item titles in full are as follows:-

A PROMISING SQUADE, STAFF SERGT AFTER CAREFUL INSTRUCTION HAS JUST GIVEN THE ____ DEEP - TuckDB Ephemera. A promising squad. Staff Sergt after careful instruction has just given the word fours deep

SERGT INSTRUCTOR. N04 IF YE DONT LANE OFF KICKING. NO I'LL HAVE YE PUT IN THE GUARD ROOM. (3RD DRAGOON) - TuckDB Ephemera Sergt. Instructor. No 4 If ye don’t lane off Kicking No I’ll have ye put in the guard room (3rd Dragoon)

THE CURIOUS RESULT OF THE FIRST SHOT. - TuckDB Ephemera Curious result of the first shot



@Peanut1 thanks again, cards updated.