New Raphael Tuck postcard for database (Saltburn-by-the-sea)

I have come across a Tuck postcard that I have not been able to find in your database.
Card front gives the title as: Saltburn. Tennis Court and Putting Green.
It is a real photograph, Printed in England and is postally used dated 22/09/1933. Location is Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Yorkshire, England.
I have a digital copy of the front and back copied from Ebay but it has a large watermark on both images. The price is not an amount I am prepared to pay. This seller traditionally sells at two to three times the general going rate for a card. What if anything would you like provided for the database? I am a new member so not fully clear on the protocols etc

Hi @PhilW, that’s great can you post a link to the ebay item?


the link is R537123 Saltburn. Tennis Court and Putting Green. Tuck. Real Photograph. 1933 | eBay

Having posted this message on the forum I have also come across another card “Riftswood Glen Mill and Viaduct” in the Silverette Series. I have, in my collection, a postally used version or there is a a version on Ebay which is unposted. The link is Saltburn. Riftswood Glen Mill And Viaduct. Postcard. L/1968 | eBay
This image has been tilted to prevent copying but I can correct this in Photoshop if you wish. One further observation while the card title refers to Riftswood Glen Mill it’s correct name is Marske Mill. Could this be the same card as the 5509 Glosso version but reproduced under another Series? You do not have a copy of the 5509 version.

Hi-I have a copy of the Saltburn Riftwood Glen card in the database under the set of Saltburn 1988. I have added your info about the name. I have added the Saltburn Tennis court and putting green to the database but did not add the image due to the watermark. Many thanks for all the information. Alison

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I managed to get a version of the cover image in there.

Not a new card but new back for Saltburn-by-the-Sea Multiview x5 SS26. The image is watermarked on Ebay but you may have an alternative image on file The link is R416438 Saltburn By the Sea. SS26. Tuck. RP. Multi View | eBay
I tried to send it as a new topic but it wouldn’t let me, said I could send it to this host or something like that. Do you have guidelines for using the forum and how to send you new cards and images?

Interesting, that is a new back, those “Dodo” watermarks are a bit hard to remove, so I don’t think it’s worth trying to remove it.

Sidenote, Tuck postcards are so old that their artwork is now in the public domain, and scans of public domain works are also in the public domain, so we could take it with the watermark, but it looks ugly IMHO.

@PhilW I’m learning this how forum software works myself, it looks like this software thought what you were doing was spam ( i know it wasn’t ).

Possibly because the topics had the same title “New Raphael Tuck postcard for the database…”, so I suggest putting the name of the card as the topic.

I also upgraded your user level to “member” hopefully that’ll make it easier.