New Quay (2 words) and Newquay (1 word) Set

The Welsh town is New Quay (2 words) and the Cornish town is Newquay (1 word).

There is currently a set called NEW QUAY, REAL PHOTOGRAPH

This set includes postcards of New Quay Wales and Newquay Cornwall and all cards for both towns have the NQ prefix.

I would respectfully suggest that the Newquay Cornwall cards should be moved to a different set name using the correct one word spelling. At present all the Newquay cards don’t appear in a search for Newquay as the individual card details don’t include Newquay.

There is an existing NEWQUAY & district, REAL PHOTOGRAPH set but all the current cards in that set have a NY prefix.

There are 19 cards for Newquay Cornwall currently in the New Quay Real Photo set. Happy to give you a link to the cards if it will help.

Hope this makes some sense.

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@GoranMaw Good idea, I’m going to run this up the chain and see what we wanna do.